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Photo: Erik Lindeberg

Karin Ekberg was born in 1979 in Stockholm. She studied at the Dutch art academy AKI where she received a degree in photography in 2003. She also has a master’s in journalism from JMK at Stockholm University. Karin has since worked in the media industry as a journalist , project manager and communicator. During a course in documentary filmmaking at Birkagården (2009/2010) Karin started working on her debut feature film A separation. It was further developed during the workshop Twelve for the Future, and the graduate course Documentary Film Dramaturgy at the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts. The film has been selected for the official program at CPH:DOX 2013, and will have its Swedish premiere early spring 2014.

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For more info please contact  Zandra Thuvesson, press and PR-manager.

Momento Film is an independent production company based in Stockholm, Sweden. We produce creative documentary films for an international cinema and TV audience. With personal perspectives, strong narratives and visual styles, our films provoke thought and emotion, commenting on our time and the society of today. From North to South, East to West – the films address an international audience and and tell stories from a personal and global perspective.