One year. Two new beginnings.

Is it ok to throw away the old wedding dress? What do you do with the crystal glasses that nobody wants? A separation by Karin Ekberg is a tragicomic documentary that portrays the very last acts of a long marriage. A film about the tentative search for a beginning of what – finally, and unfortunately – is over.

A film by

Karin Ekberg

Produced by

David Herdies

Production Company

Momento Film


Karin Ekberg
Erik Lindeberg


Bernhard Winkler

Original music

Richard Ekre Suzzi


Nanna Dalunde

Graphic design

Cecilia Gustafsson

Sound design and

Calle Wachmeister

Editing of trailer

Johannes Pinter

With support from

The Swedish Film Institute/
Cecilia Lidin; Swedish
Television, SVT/Charlotte
Hellström & Ingemar
Persson; The Swedish Arts
Grants Committee;
NRK/Tore Tomter

Workshops and forums

Twelve for the Future

International distribution